RAVE to our lone train conductor, Andy, on our ride back from Oregon City to Seattle. He handled everyone with humor and ease on his own and made the little inconveniences a piece of cake. Keep up the holiday spirit!

RANT AND RAVE I recycle. Rant to companies that have labels on packaging that are almost impossible to remove. Rave to products with labels that can easily be peeled off.

RANT to the Seattle Department of Transportation for not placing “Thru traffic merge right” overhead signs on South Columbian Way at Beacon Avenue South when it changed the inside lane in both directions into a “left-turn-only” lanes.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the comic creators (“Zits” comic most recently) who think it’s amusing to have the young characters joke about “what’s a newspaper.” Rave to the creators that use their public forum and creativity to identify and promote public good (e.g. newspapers, yeah!).