RAVE to all who helped this 84-year-old after I took a fall on a gravel path at Green Lake, resulting in multiple stitches to my forehead, a broken nose and a sprained hand. Sincere thanks to my fellow walkers who helped me to a bench, called 911 and waited until help arrived; to the very professional and caring medics who applied first aid; to the efficient ambulance drivers; and thanks most of all to the great team at Swedish First Hill who patched me up. My sincere appreciation goes to all of you who turned an unfortunate mishap into a great example of caring and help.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the dog owners who hike with their pets on leash. Rant to those owners who pick up after their dog only to drop the neatly tied little blue bags on the sides of the trails for someone else to remove. Pack it out, people!