RAVE to my wonderful mail carrier Brad who called 911 and stayed with me, keeping me calm and putting pressure on my badly cut leg from the garden. (I’m on blood thinners.) He stayed with me until EMTs arrived. He’s also the best mail carrier in the city, I’m sure! Thank you, Brad and Seattle Fire Department!

RANT to drivers who don’t yield the right of way to pedestrians, who yield the right of way to turning drivers and who don’t keep their headlights on in the rain. Please go back to driving school. Also, a rant against pedestrians who yield their right of way to drivers stopping for them. Stop being so meek, it is your turn to walk.

RAVE to the anonymous customer at an Issaquah cafe who paid for our breakfast as well as that of two other tables. We did the same anonymously for three other tables. What a memorable breakfast.