RAVE to the man walking in Magnolia who messaged me through Facebook to find me and return my dropped driver’s license. He waited on the corner with his dog for me to retrieve it and said his dog sniffed it out of some bushes.

RANT to the U.S. Post Office on Bel-Red Road in Bellevue for not yet putting up signage directing customers how to access their outdoor drive-thru boxes. Apparently, the signs are necessary for the many confused people who clog up the drop-off by approaching from the wrong direction, as if it is normal to approach the box with the box access on their vehicle’s passenger side. This gets really annoying at busy times, such as ballot deadlines or Christmas.

RAVE to the Seattle parking enforcement man, who got out of his parking enforcement scooter, to help a blind man who was having difficulty navigating a construction area at an intersection.