RAVE to the amazing angel lady who went out of her way to drive ahead of me to Costco in Woodinville the other afternoon. I got totally lost having taken a wrong exit off 405. I was more than half an hour late picking up my granddaughters from school near there, but we are all safe, thanks to this sweet lady! Also, a rave to the teacher who kindly turned homework into fun while waiting. I am one very appreciative 80-year-old grandma.

RANT to people who don’t wear face masks while they are walking or running until they are five feet from me, when they suddenly whip out their masks. What they do not consider is that now I will have to walk into their stream of exhaled air. Please remember that your exhaled air contains droplets that remain in the air for eight minutes or longer. Please wear your mask continuously when you are walking or running in public areas.