RAVE to caring people. I was riding my bike along the Burke-Gilman Trail when, for whatever reason, I drifted off the trail and went down the bank. I don’t remember any of that as my doctors at EvergreenHealth told me I had suffered a mild concussion and that would affect my memory. My helmet was smashed in on the right side. My arms and legs look like I had gone through a shredder. I would like to thank the people who called 911 for me, the medics who arrived and took me to the hospital and the staff at EvergreenHealth for their caring treatment.

RANT to developers who scrape clean properties of every tree and bush no matter how mature or sizable they are. Trees clean our air, make neighborhoods cooler and provide habitat. We are killing our canopy at an amazing rate. Leave the trees and let them hide the hideous boxes you keep building.