RAVE to the neighbor who recently had a garage sale. Not only did she post very easy to see signs around the neighborhood (with thick black arrows), she also promptly removed all of those signs when the garage sale ended.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to all the people who have shed masks all over the city. During April and May, I collected and trashed over 1,000 in the U District, within a dozen blocks of my home. Rave to any and all willing to join me.

RANT to the veterinary hospital where the majority of the staff, including the vet, do not wear masks.

RAVE to the wonderful man who found my mother’s hearing aids that had fallen into my shopping cart at Costco. He got the same cart the following day that I had used, saw the tiny bag with hearing aids and turned them in to the hearing center. We are so thankful.