RAVE to the honest and thoughtful person who put my phone on my windshield, under my wiper, after finding it next to my car in the parking lot in Ballard. It must have missed my pocket as I was putting it back after paying for parking. I found it when I got home, when searching for it! 

RANT to those who throw trash out of cars. It is 2022 and we still have litter bugs? This should have been over with Lady Bird Johnson! How lazy and disrespectful have people become toward our city and neighborhoods?

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the TV weatherman who moved away. Rave to the TV station for (hopefully) continuing to show cute pictures of pets!

RAVE to the lovely young lady who bought dinner for three senior women having dinner at Pho Than in Edmonds recently. It was much appreciated and proves that is there is still kindness in the world.