RAVE to downtown office buildings that have decorated their lobbies for the holidays even with fewer employees coming in. Those of us who live and shop downtown appreciate the cheer, this year especially.

RANT to car manufacturers for installing absurdly bright headlights and aligning them to blind oncoming traffic. Rant also to people who drive in traffic with high beams on.

RAVE to the Bellevue police officer who, during the torrential downpour, was working in at least 1 foot of water trying to unclog a drain in the HOV lane during rush hour. Above and beyond his job description.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to all of the wonderful people out for a walk on Magnolia Boulevard who were wearing a mask. Rant to the dog walkers, joggers and bike riders who weren’t. You betcha I gave you “that look.” Selfish, self-centered people!