RANT AND RAVE to my 18-year-old and friends who gathered in small groups on New Year’s, only after taking rapid at-home tests, and to those who braved the disappointment of skipping the gatherings after testing positive. Rant to the family who attended The Nutcracker after a positive test. Tough times reveal character.

RAVE to the lady who helped me load a 50-pound box into my car at the Westwood post office December 30th. Your help and kindness is very much appreciated.

RANT to the people who go into businesses and get huffy and puffy showing vaccine cards. The employees are just doing their job, no need to berate them for following guidelines the state has implemented.

RANT to COVID-19! We’ve had to cancel two cruises, a hiking trip to the Dolomites and a trip to Florida for some much needed fun in the sun!