RAVE to kindness. During a pleasant bike ride and exploring Magnuson, ZING! The seat bolt failed (broke), and I had at least 10 miles return trip with only a seat post. Had bike tools but no bolt. Chris at Cascade Bicycle Club amazingly found replacement parts after several tries, and I am seated forever in his debt with gratitude!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to clerks in the customer service booth at large box stores who don’t know the store. I asked someone the other day where I would find a smoke alarm, and one clerk looked at me as if I’d spoken in Urdu while another said, “Aisle 10,” which was true. However, I was eight feet from a big display of home safety which was packed with — you guessed it — smoke alarms. Rave to employees who, when asked where something is in their large store say, “follow me!”