RAVE to the bakery department at Central Market in Shoreline. We called in a pickup order for two birthday cakes and 30 cupcakes. The bakery staff was politely hesitant because it sure sounded like we were planning a large gathering, and they didn’t want to be complicit in a super spreader event. We reassured them that our family has back-to-back birthdays, and all the cupcakes were going to be delivered to front porches in the neighborhood so we could have virtual Zoom celebrations for our preschoolers. Rave to people who are concerned about their part in protective isolation.

RANT to people who post from their non-mask-wearing, non-socially-distanced gatherings. It’s bad enough if that behavior is done in private, but when you need validation by sharing it on social media, flaunting your noncompliant pandemic behavior is selfish and dangerous to those who may be influenced by it.