RANT to walkers in the Wedgwood neighborhood where there are no sidewalks. It is far safer to walk facing traffic than walking on the wrong side of the road, as if you are still in your cars. You want to keep your eyes on drivers and be able to jump out of the way if they veer off the road because they dropped their cellphone in their hot coffee when their lap dog nipped their ear.

RAVE to all the thoughtful and considerate parents who are teaching their children to practice social distancing and wear masks! We applaud you for enforcing responsible behaviors! You are aware parents and are doing the right thing for your children, and everyone else! Thank you!

RANT to my bank for refusing to accept my current bank statement and expired driver’s license as ID for cashing a check. State driver’s license offices have been closed for months and I can’t renew my license until they reopen.