RANT to those of you who decided to close Lake Washington Boulevard every weekend. I hope no one decides to close the through street where you live. What a huge inconvenience, and it puts a great stress on the side streets that are already full of potholes!  

RAVE to Seattle Veterinary Outreach for all they do to assist pets belonging to homeless and low-income residents. Paws up!

RANT to parents on watercraft. Infuriating and sad to witness the irresponsibility of parents with their children on boats, inflatables and WaveRunners not wearing flotation devices. The other day alone I saw a Jet Ski with an unvested 3-year-old riding in his dad’s lap. Shortly after, a speeding boat driven by dad while mom (standing) held her 2-year-old above the windshield, with none of the three wearing personal flotation devices. Fine if you want to recreate unsafely, provided you buy lots of life insurance and leave your kids onshore.