RAVE to the Kirkland Public Works Department for their quick response in removing a large branch that was perilously hanging over the sidewalk ready to fall on an unknowing pedestrian. I spotted the branch and alerted the department the other day, and within a couple of hours they removed the hazard. What city does that? Kudos to them!

RANT to those who throw trash and empty bottles in the track area at Bothell High School. Please throw your trash in the available trash can and make your parents proud of you.

RAVE to a stranger. My wife left a Sno-Isle library book in a women’s restroom at the University of Washington Medical Center. The next day, when I went to deal with it at the library, it was not on our account — someone had already turned it in. So someone working in King County took it to Snohomish County and saved us stress. I’m thankful.