RANT to local TV stations which have changed their news formats from presentations of important news by serious reporters to groups of people chattering immaturely, talking at the same time and airing their personal opinions of events. If I want to experience a coffee klatch, I’ll get together with friends.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the stores that mercifully provide back-of-store carts when my quick few-item shopping trip ends up with overloaded arms after succumbing to your tempting and expensive in-store displays and specials! Rant to all those that don’t. Too frustrating to take time to walk all the way to the front of your store to find a basket then backtrack again. 

RANT to nature-related nonprofits with annual memberships. In recent months, many of those nonprofits have been sending me monthly “annual” membership renewal notices. I have always understood “annual” to mean once a year! These renewal notices are disingenuous at best, if not downright misleading.