RANT to the school bus yard in North Marysville that is located hard against a railroad right of way so that the first order of business for all departing buses that turn east is to perform the RR track ritual. When a phalanx of buses leave all at once, major traffic delays ensue.

RAVE to the person who adopted 10-year-old kitty Layla during the height of “kitten season.” So many wonderful older pets often get passed by. I wish you many happy years together!

RANT to ride-hail companies for gouging customers with fake fees like disinfectant. Last night, they wanted to charge me $93 to go from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to Seward Park in a regular car. I opted to take a taxi, and it was only $40! Another ride-hail company would have been $160! It’s not going to the drivers either, it’s going to the company. Rip-off alert!