RANT to those who use the sidewalk for parking. A second rant to those who let their plants grow far onto the sidewalk. A third who let blackberry bushes hang over the sidewalk, ready to gouge your eyeballs. Walking in my neighborhood is a zigzag course. 

RAVE to all the workers every day who put fresh paint over the scribbling and ugly graffiti around our city. It may seem like a thankless job, but be assured that seeing freshly painted clean areas, even for a short time, is greatly appreciated. There are thousands of citizens like me who constantly wish that Seattle would look like the clean city of the past.

RANT to the gridlock and backed-up traffic in the northbound lanes of Montlake Boulevard East and on Lake Washington Boulevard East during peak travel times, which may get worse with boating season starting next month and more Montlake Bridge openings.