RANT to the woman walking her two large dogs in Kinnear Park just now. One of the dogs defecated and she walked away. I was walking my daughter’s dog and had a container of bags with us. I nicely said “Can I give you a bag for your dog?” She said no and continued walking away. I said “that gives all of us a bad name.” She replied “it is just dirt.”

RAVE to the wonderful owners of Port Gardner Bay Winery and Art Gallery next to the Snohomish County health department in Everett for helping our mom wait in a warm building. Thanks!

RANT to the bakeries and other businesses that keep their doors shut to the public now that the pandemic is waning. Customers have to stand in the pouring rain waiting in line without any access to bathrooms or tables. It saves the business money not to have overhead expenses, but makes for unhappy customers.