RAVE to kindness. The other day, entering the QFC parking lot, I stubbed my toe and did a knee and elbow plant on the beauty bark. I struggled to get up and within seconds of falling a wonderful Metro driver was there, lifting me up to my feet. He checked to see if I was injured, only with just a few slivers and an ego issue, I thanked the driver and he disappeared as fast as he arrived. Many thanks for your kindness.

RANT to the Tacoma trucking company who denied our claim for windshield replacement when their truck travelling 60 mph had rocks spill off a rear ledge hitting our windshield and pitting it. We took pictures clearly identifying their truck and driver and the exact time, and our claim was denied because there was no “independent witness”! Really? And how was that supposed to happen? So much for the secure-load law we thought would protect us!