RANT to the man in the big truck who gave my family and I the middle finger at the Sea-Tac Airport departures drop-off area recently. We were just trying to get to the curb like everyone else! Aggressive gestures and yelling obscenities at strangers at 7 a.m. does not help our already tenuous society!  

RAVE to the Seattle Parks and Recreation workers at Magnuson Park. They keep the huge and beautiful park clean and tidy for a huge variety of water lovers, walkers, dog owners, sports teams, bird watchers, and more.

RANT to another safety recall for my vehicle. They want to replace my air bags again. This is the fourth time! The first time, they replaced one on the passenger side. Second, the one on the driver side. Then in 2018, both driver and passenger side. Now, both sides again! When will this mess end? I just want to feel safe.