RANT to all of the visitors to downtown Seattle terrorizing residents with extreme bass, altered car and motorcycle mufflers. Many of us live downtown not by choice, but because it is what we can afford in this age of skyrocketing rent, food and costs of necessities. You ruin our home time which should be a well-deserved, relaxing time of rest with loved ones.

RAVE to the city of Seattle for restriping the parking lot next to the Shilshole public boat launch. When the inevitable 4:30 a.m. traffic jam occurs from all us salmon fisherman trying to launch our boats and park our trailers in the dark, having well marked parking lines makes the experience go a lot smoother.

RANT to traffic enforcement. Instead of being proud of HOV violation tickets, how about the aggressive tailgaters, mostly pickup trucks, or the racers doing 80mph-100 mph in and out of traffic? The HOV tickets are easy money but how about safety? Does that matter anymore?