RAVE to Nurse Tina at the Greenwood Senior Center who provides amazing foot care to seniors in a safe environment. So many happy feet!

RANT to those who compulsively destroy private property with graffiti.

RAVE to Amazon for promptly notifying me the e-gift card I’d just sent to the “niece” of a “friend” was probably a scam (it was!) and then immediately canceling the purchase. What could have been a $100 lesson on e-mail scams only cost me a little pride. Your account specialists are awesome! 

RANT to the barking dog that was left in a car I was parked near while waiting for my husband to get his vaccine. A couple pulled in and both went inside and left their yapping little dog behind. I moved the car and still heard it. Thankfully my wait was short. Please leave your dog home if it is going to bark.