RANT to Seattle political campaigns sending text messages to my phone. This is one super easy way to persuade me not to vote for you. Reply STOP.

RAVE to Don. I was completely lost and frustrated in the Lincoln Square South building in Bellevue trying to find the right elevator to the parking garage and find my car. Don from Capital One Café saw my frustration and offered to help. Not only did he find the right elevator, but he walked me to my car. Unbelievably kind. I offered a tip but he refused. What a wonderful guy. Thanks Don. 

RANT AND RAVE Rant to me for impatiently squeaking by a group of slower bicyclists on a narrow section of the Sammamish River Trail on a busy Sunday. Rave to the woman in the group who covered for me by calling out, “Coming through, on the left!” Thanks — I’ll do better next time.