RAVE to the Providence/Swedish payroll department which has been working long hours to ensure all caregivers and first responders are paid on time. Others may not see you, but I do. Thank you!

RANT to grocery store customers who use their bare hands to cover their mouths and then use those hands to sample grapes and bulk food items.

RAVE to the TV weather forecaster who has clever signs posted behind him while he social distances from home.

RANT to the Safeway that allowed unmasked shoppers in its store. Apparently the recent death of one of its checkers due to COVID-19 was not an incentive to require all people in the store to wear masks.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the thief who broke into six locked mailboxes at night in our neighborhood and stole the mail. Rave to homeowners who discourage such thievery by emptying their own locked mailboxes daily.