RANT to the young woman driving a dark sedan who came within inches of hitting two pedestrians who were legally in the crosswalk in front of the Taproot Theatre. She was so absorbed in her cellphone as she turned onto the thoroughfare that she continued on without realizing what she had done. Really? Wake up!

RAVE to Nick’s on Madison. They offer great menu selections and community. Most impactful was our observation of Nick helping a customer with his winter coat and safe ambulation out of the restaurant to his waiting automobile. As a long time RN and hospital executive, I was relieved this kindness still exists.

RANT to cars that tailgate me when I am in the HOV lane on I-5 and I-405. Even when I speed up to 66-67 mph cars continue to tailgate me. When did 70 become the new 60? I don’t feel I should move over so they can go even faster.