RANT AND RAVE Rant to the man driving his black convertible on I-5 the other afternoon who flipped off my newly turned 16-year-old who was practicing for her driver’s test. We were in the carpool lane as a police vehicle came up behind us with sirens blaring. She moved into the lane to our right, the “fast lane”, as that was the only option for getting out of the way. It was nerve wracking and took her about 20 seconds to decide whether to move into the lane to her right or back to the carpool lane after the police vehicle passed. She decided to move to the carpool lane and as she did so, the man in the convertible raced past us and gave her the bird. I can only hope that he felt some sense of remorse as he saw he was cursing at a 16-year-old new driver who was just trying to do the right thing. Patience and compassion go a long way in these challenging times. Rave to everyone who is able to practice both.