RAVE to the U.S. Postal Service employee at the Chinatown International District office who always greets with a warm smile and takes the time to ask how you are no matter how long the line is or what is going on in the world. She speaks multiple languages and is so patient helping elders in the community. You make a difference and are appreciated.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the impatient customer at the Kirkland McDonald’s drive-thru the other morning. You honked at the car in front of you after you placed your order because things were taking too long and eventually peeled out of the line. If you’d waited a few seconds more to get to the first window you would have learned the woman in front of you had “paid it forward” and bought your meal. Rave to the patient young employee handling the transaction who then had to deal with and explain the delay your leaving caused all seven cars behind you.