RAVE for customer service that goes above and beyond! I went to Office Depot in Tukwila in search of an ink cartridge, as mine had run out right at the start of a critical project that needed to be printed that day. While there, I discovered that the cartridge size I needed was completely out. I spoke with the store manager, Alicia, who not only explained the unusual situation surrounding the shortage, but offered to call surrounding stores. She found a cartridge at Bellevue, but I was unable to go there because I was at the end of my lunch break. She then offered to drive to Bellevue herself to get it for me! WOW! Her above and beyond customer service made my day and allowed my project to be done on time. Better, though, it provided such a positive, bright spot that I will share with others. In a time where we hear so much negativity about people, it is uplifting to see such a shining example of caring and service. Thank you, Alicia!