RAVE to all the people who understand some people just have a regular cold, or allergies that make them sneeze. We are not virus spreaders! Just trying to help local businesses.

RANT to the restaurant at Market Street and Leary Way in Ballard for leaving plastic bags of food garbage out in the back where birds (or rats) tear holes in the bags and strew garbage all over the sidewalk.

RAVE to our local health care workers, public health officials and county and state government leaders for their tireless, courageous and thoughtful care and concern to our community in these difficult times.  You are appreciated!

RANT to the people who spit on the sidewalk and road. They’re runners, walkers and bike riders. It’s more important now than ever to use a tissue and dispose your sputum safely, something most of us learned before preschool. People can get it on their shoes and bring it into their homes.