RAVE to a woman bicyclist and a construction worker from across the street who stopped to help me the other day when I had fallen on my back and was lying in the middle of the street at 14th and Madison. I hit my head and was too dizzy to move. They moved me to the curb where an ambulance came and treated me well. I am so grateful and will never know their names.

RANT to the Seattle department responsible for sidewalk maintenance for ignoring five pleas in five months for them to repair one of the worst tripping hazards along Rainier Avenue South. I don’t know what else I can do before someone gets hurt.

RAVE to honesty. I lost my main credit card, so I went back the next day to the 7-Eleven store on N. 50th (one of many stops that day) in hopes that it was there. They not only had it, but were looking for me online to tell me they had it. What a wonderful gift of honesty.