RAVE to SFD Station 32 for coming to our rescue after a torrential rainstorm flooded Harbor Avenue Southwest and, subsequently, the lobby and elevator shaft in our condo. Very helpful group of professionals.

RANT to the woman who uses stairs in Jefferson Park, next to VA hospital, as a personal stairmaster during lunch hour. She yells at anyone who attempts to use them. I am a nurse and went for a walk on my lunch break. I was wearing a mask (she was not) and waited until she got to the top of stairs before I started to come up. She yelled that she is exercising and that I should walk around. When I replied calmly that these are public stairs, she yelled, “I hope you get sick and are in [the] ICU sucking on a tube.” What happened to supporting essential workers? I hope she is not the one in ICU needing our help.