RAVE to the friendly fellow pilgrim I met while traveling. I’m writing from Australia and in September of this year, I had the great experience of walking the last 300km of the Camino Frances in Spain, from Leon to Santiago de Compostela. On the first day of my walk I met a wonderfully friendly fellow pilgrim, Steve, and his daughter, who were from Seattle. On the third day of my Camino, in the beautiful village of Rabanal del Camino, I had a minor crisis (I had left something in Astorga the previous morning). Steve realized I had a problem and came to my rescue. I was very keen to repay his generosity, but unfortunately we did not see each other again. Unfortunately, I didn’t get Steve’s family name or contact details. My experience on the Camino had many really positive aspects, including the generosity and friendship exhibited by Steve. I would say to anyone who feels their faith in humanity needs a boost, that walking the Camino is a great way to get it.

RANT to people who do not use headlights. I cannot get over how many people I encounter driving in the morning fog with no headlights on! Then, on the way home from work when it is dark before 5 p.m., again, no headlights or, only one is operational. This is the season to check all indicator lights, people! There is a convenient setting called auto for a reason. Select it and leave it there. Be visible or get off the road!