RANT to the jerk who left several paint cans, paint-thinner containers and rolls of carpet padding in and around the lower-level garbage receptacle at Lakemont Highlands park in Bellevue. Those receptacles are for the deposit of everyday garbage, not hazardous waste. Next time, do what thinking, considerate citizens do and take your hazardous items to the appropriate recycling center so they can be safely and properly disposed of.

RAVE to the anonymous person who overheard me chatting with a friend in the locker room at our gym on Christmas Eve and left me a monetary gift at the front desk. My friend had asked me about my holiday plans and I admitted I was alone and unable to afford much of a celebration. I wasn’t complaining. I’m grateful for what I have, but your gift gave me more to be grateful for. I’ll pay it forward. Not with money, but in other ways. All of us have something to offer others.