RAVE to the kind lady who, in the snow and cold weather, found our car for us in an Issaquah parking lot. We’re 80-something and a little forgetful!

RANT to the man who stole a parking space from us at BJ’s Restaurant in Redmond. My son is learning how to drive and had his turn signal on to indicate that he was turning into the empty parking space. Because he was being careful, he was not fast enough to drive into the space before you drove into the parking lot from the opposite direction and took the spot. We even honked at you before you turned into the space to let you know that we were there first. When you got out of your car, I called over to you to say that we were waiting for that spot, but you just looked over, ignored me and kept walking. You might have congratulated yourself on taking a parking spot from a teenager and his mother, but you are just a jerk who was lucky enough not to encounter someone who had more road rage than we did.