RAVE to the woman standing behind me in the grocery line who took a step back and smiled when I asked her to put more distance between us. That began a fun conversation. We can be apart and social at the same time!

RANT to a couple of customers at the Admiral Safeway. They were laughing and thought people were overreacting to the current novel coronavirus outbreak. How horribly insensitive of you! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

RAVE to the Ballard NW Senior Center and their Chef, Lori! Although the center is closed, the kitchen is open and she is preparing delicious meals for pickup/take out!

RANT to the folks that toss those single use flossing devices out the window of their car. As a bicycle rider, you see these things are everywhere. If you can afford to buy these devices, you’d think you were mature enough not to litter.