RANT to all the companies that put their profits ahead of human life!

RAVE to the Balloon Designers for making Mother’s Day special for residents or visitors along Newport Way N.W. in Issaquah. They displayed over two dozen balloon bouquets with an encouraging note on each. What a way to put a smile on everyone’s face. Thanks balloon designers!

RANT to the individuals and groups on the Cougar Mountain trails who don’t practice social distancing and don’t cover their faces when encountering other hikers.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the unknown neighbor who has been moving our morning newspaper from the sidewalk closer to our porch. What a sweet gesture! Rant to them being one more person touching the paper each day and increasing our fears of coronavirus. We appreciate your kindness, but please stop! It’s good for us to walk down and get it, and we feel safer with fewer hands on it.