RANT AND RAVE Rave to the AWESOME employees working to keep us customers fed. Clearly a risk to themselves and family. Rant that while shopping, some of the staff continue to communicate by yelling over aisles to each other with customers within “droplet range” as well as the self-checkout helper continually coming over (within inches) to unnecessarily help me. I choose self-check to have limited contact, not direct.

RANT AND RAVE to the person who stole the hand sanitizer from the front counter of our store. It was for the workers and the public, not only for you. Rave to all the tireless and underappreciated health care workers.

RAVE to the team that makes our Monday trash, recycling and compost pickups. They are ALWAYS on time, polite, cheerful and professional. That’s a challenging, all-weather mission in this city and I am glad they have such solid folks for this critical effort.