RANT to the woman who did not have the courtesy to tell me that she would not be vacating her coveted parking spot in the overcrowded parking lot at Costco in Issaquah the other morning. She declined my offer to help unload her cart, so I waited over two minutes with my turn signal on as she stuffed her SUV (the hatch door wouldn’t shut the first few times) while cars went around me and around her. Then, with her empty cart, she crossed directly in front of me to put it in the cart corral, and then walked away, apparently not intending to vacate the parking spot at all. I hope she eventually understands that we all appreciate patience and courtesy at this time.

RAVE to rain! Let me count the ways: evergreen flora, hiking in two stunning rainforests, white water kayaking, abundant gardens, pure, clean, fresh water and skin that doesn’t wrinkle.