RAVE to Steven who found my dropped driver’s license at Green Lake and hand-delivered it to my front door! A Christmas miracle!

RANT to the emergency room department at a local hospital for not having any lavatory facilities open for caregivers who arrive with their patients. On Christmas Eve, my caregiver/driver was told to wait in our car while I was treated in the ER. After four hours, she asked to use the facilities, but was told no. She was advised by a registered nurse to try the nearby McDonald’s. There she made a purchase but was refused use of the restroom. My caregiver then went to the top floor of the hospital parking garage and relieved herself in a dark corner. Is this what the infectious disease department wants people to do? What is the alternative?

RAVE to all our wonderful Maple Leaf neighbors who put up beautiful lights, baked and dropped off holiday treats this year. We live on the nicest block in Seattle!

RANT to those of you who walk in the middle of sidewalks and paths, walk in groups that take up the whole space, stop to chat, pet a dog, etc., and never look up from your phone to see you are too close to others. Taking a walk in Belltown or on the waterfront is like an obstacle course. Please make an effort to help others stay 6 feet away. I have been forced into the street, puddles, rocks and muddy grass to stay away from you. Think about your behavior and its effect on others!

RAVE to the Edmonds Yacht Club members who decorate their boats in the guest marina. What a ton of work it must be, but it brings much cheer and beauty to the waterfront in Edmonds. Thank you!

RANT to the “yard cleaners” who charge you $300-$500 for a simple yard cleanup (raking only, in my case), a job that should take no longer than two to three hours. I was given an estimate of $380 and $560. Come on. Not even a Boeing engineer makes that kind of money per hour. I’m 80 years old and you are gouging us. You know who you are.

RAVE to Seattle’s Pinehurst neighborhood, whose residents have stepped up to help each other through the entire pandemic and the holidays. Through social media, many have shared food, donated toys so neighborhood kids could have a happy Christmas, helped the homeless and offered opportunities for shopping hyperlocal. It takes a village!

RANT to Seattle-area property developers who tear down old homes in historical neighborhoods and replace them with sterile, unattractive boxes, filling the lots with no space for yards and building homes with no character just to make as much money as possible. Please stop building these eyesores and destroying our neighborhoods. Please!