RAVE to the young man who helped me load 700 pounds of tile into my truck at Home Depot. He was outside waiting on something as I was slowly lifting heavy tile packages when he asked if he could help. I said sure, and he very quickly placed seven 51-pound boxes on my tailgate and turned to walk away as I was saying, “Thank you!” I had heart surgery four months ago and really appreciated his help.  

RANT to the University of Washington athletic department for the “new cashless concessions.” In the 35 years I have attended Husky football games, I have never encountered lines as long as the other weekend — they completely filled the concourses. I completely gave up purchasing. I wanted to watch the game, not stand in a line for a half-hour.

RAVE to the Bellevue Library for its living wall. Not only is it a visual delight, but it is also great for the environment. Would love to see more of them.

RANT to the owners of the yellow lab at the Mount Baker Boulevard Park. You allowed your dog to run up to the picnic I was having and watched, with no effort on your end to control your dog, as he took a bite out of my takeout dinner I had just purchased. Then you didn’t even offer to pay for the dinner your dog had just ruined. I guess I see where your dog learned his manners. There is a leash law in this state for a reason; learn to follow it. 

RAVE to a local brewery. Many reasons, but I’ll note my appreciation of their publicly situated hand-washing station. As their FAQ says, “When everyone is watching, more people will wash their hands afterwards, because no one will want to be perceived as skipping it.”

RANT to greed and selfishness — period.

RANT AND RAVE to me for judging my neighbors who did not pick up after their dog when I saw poop in the middle of a popular Issaquah trail. Rave to my husband, who correctly identified the pile as bear scat. And rave to the big bear that left it there. You do you, bear.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the Washington State Department of Transportation folks for their smooth resurfacing job from I-5 south, from the I-90 interchange to Columbian Way. Rant to the same folks who designed the sunken expansion joint sections (1 ½ inches) between the main roadway. Only a few months after completion, we already see the edges of the polyester concrete chipped and broken where it meets the joints. The incessant thumping while traveling over 34 expansion joints is jarring and distracting. The constant pounding on tires, suspension systems and steering could result in expensive maintenance costs for regular commuters. Who will pay for that? What were they thinking?