We want the transplants to stop laughing at our snow driving, too. Even though they're totally right. Is the Fremont bar scene interrupting...

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We want the transplants to stop laughing at our snow driving, too. Even though they’re totally right.

“OK, transplants, quit yer bellyachin’ that Seattleites don’t know how to drive in the snow! Let me spell it out for you: WET snow. STEEP hills. Anyone can drive in the snow in the Midwest, where the snow is dry and your idea of a steep hill is a freeway overpass.”

“I don’t resent the fact that Christmas is the big to-do, but some of the big retailers could at least show some representation of Hanukkah. After searching downtown I stopped in at the PCC Natural Market on Aurora. Holy Menorah! They had everything I needed to celebrate my Jewish holiday.”

“A huge rave to Aaron, who spent most of Monday night rescuing stranded drivers. My husband was trying to put chains on our car at 11:15 p.m., when along came Aaron and offered him a ride home. My husband was No. 17 of 19 drivers Aaron had helped so far that night. He refused money for his efforts. You are truly a snow angel, Aaron.”

” A rant to the clubgoers who flood my Fremont neighborhood on weekends. You litter all over the parking strips. You scream and yell and wander back to your cars in irresponsible states. It is not OK to rip the branches off newly planted trees, tear down Realtor signs or jar our cars so that the alarms sound off. Maybe some of these nightclubs should monitor their [customers’] consumption before turning them loose.”

Is the Fremont bar scene interrupting your sleep? Do tell: rantandrave@seattletimes.com.