Note to the ladies: If his name is Jim, he might be a keeper. Note to the cat abandoner: Dude, there's a place for unwanted pets, it's called...

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Note to the ladies: If his name is Jim, he might be a keeper. Note to the cat abandoner: Dude, there’s a place for unwanted pets, it’s called an animal shelter.

“A special rant to the woman near Phinney Ridge whose dog lunged out and bit me on the leg. You didn’t ask if I was injured or needed medical attention. You didn’t even offer an apology. In fact, you said nothing. Your companion quickly prioritized things. ‘Let’s get the dogs home,’ she whispered to you. By all means, ladies, first things first. Get the dogs home, where they will be safe. It’s dangerous out there.”

“This rave is for Jim Freeburg, the kind person who found the bag taken from my car trunk last Saturday at Green Lake and mailed it to me. Jim, you restored my belief that there are good people out there. To the person who took my bag: Thanks for not tossing it in the trash and please find another way to live.”

“A huge rant for the cruel person who stopped and threw out a young cat near Weyerhaeuser in Federal Way. You were close enough that I got your license-plate number. There must be a place in hell for folks who do these dastardly things to helpless creatures.”

“A rant to myself. A female cyclist on Ravenna Boulevard asked me if I was talking to her when she caught up to me at a stop sign. I answered ‘No’ (I was talking to my kids in the back seat of our silver Subaru). I missed two opportunities to be friendly and be kind. Just the thing I hate about Seattle.”

“A huge rave for Jim, who mows neighbors’ lawns and trims the sidewalk grass for practically his entire block on 83rd Street in Greenwood. Well into his 80s, Jim is an inspiration and a model of friendly, neighborly behavior.”

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