Hey parents, Martin Scorsese movies and little kids don't mix. And look, Abner, someone's cheating in the HOV lane. Random acts of compassionate...

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Hey parents, Martin Scorsese movies and little kids don’t mix. And look, Abner, someone’s cheating in the HOV lane.

“A huge rant to the I-5 busybody who reported me as an HOV-lane violator. Sometimes short people are in the backseat of a car — they are called children, and aren’t always easy to spot when going past at 60 mph. So to all you Mrs. Kravitzes, please take a better look in someone’s vehicle before putting a mark on their records!”

“Mega raves to everyone who showed their support at Animal Talk Rescue after that horrible break-in. Whether it was a kind word, volunteering, dropping off supplies or donating money, you are angels.”

“A rave to the people who ignored a homeless person asking for money (Rant & Rave, Oct. 15). You have every right to keep your hard-earned money for yourselves. And a rave to the Quakers for closing their homeless camp. One of those helped by the tough love found a job and a place to live.”

“A big rant to the three families who brought their toddlers to see ‘The Departed’ at the Factoria 8 theater. This movie is great for those over 17 years, but please leave the kiddies at home!”

“A huge heartfelt rave for the wonderful woman who hugged me in the Renton Valley physician’s office when she saw me distressed last Thursday. That act of kindness pulled me through a devastating time.”

“Let’s hear it for the transportation planner who looked at the Huskies schedule and said, ‘Let’s close the viaduct the same weekend as a Huskies home game!’ Next year, maybe they can close the viaduct when a Huskies and a Seahawks game is in town.”

Random acts of compassionate scolding: rantandrave@seattletimes.com.