RANT to the Halloween tradition of portraying black cats as bad luck and scary. It invites abusive behavior toward them. My black cat is shy and sweet and likes to curl up on my lap.

RANT to my Shoreline neighbor with the extremely loud generator. I thought it was an industrial one over at the school! I beg you to muffle the noise somehow. It sounds like a slightly lower-volume chain saw to me, and I don’t even live next door. It might even cross the noise-ordinance threshold. If it’s expensive to replace, I’d contribute a few bucks to make it go away. Yeowch.

RAVE to the Seattle Architecture Foundation’s Saturday morning walking tours around the city. Our recent tour of South Lake Union was the best one yet — and they’ve all been very good!

RAVE to Mike from WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) who came to see how my husband and I were doing as we sat on the side of the onramp from Northeast 85th Street to I-405 the other day at rush hour. Mike gave us tips to stay safe in the car while he swiftly changed our flat tire, saving us a two-hour wait for AAA. Our gratitude to Mike and WSDOT!

RANT to the person seated in front of my husband and I at the movies who started vaping as soon as the lights went down. Did you think we wouldn’t notice the plume of smoke and smell? Have some consideration for your fellow moviegoers (this goes for the people using their cellphones during the movies as well).

RAVE to the couple with two young sons who paid for our dinner at SAAL’s! Thank you! I will pass on! Kindness is unexpected happiness! 


RANT to the drivers who leave their cars in the ferry waiting area. When ferry loading begins, chaos erupts in the waiting area as other drivers in multiple lanes are trying to move around your vehicle that is blocking a lane. If you cannot be a responsible driver, drive around through Tacoma and leave ferry riding for the rest of us.

RAVE to the waste management driver who was picking up recycling on a windy day. As the truck lifted my can, several items fell out before reaching the truck. Instead of just driving off, this driver took the time to stop and get out of the truck to pick up the wayward items and put them back in the can. Her small act saved our neighborhood from trash being blown all over on the windy day. Thank you for caring about the neighborhood that you serve!

RANT to those who stock public restrooms with bath tissue from industrial-grade sandpaper manufacturers. It’s bad enough to have to “take care of business” in public without the coarse, grating sensation of single-ply hostility entering the equation. Spend the extra 10 cents per roll and allow us the minuscule shred of dignity we still have left after a trip to a public restroom.