RAVE to Abe, owner of Zouave, for cooking and bustling around during a packed Mother’s Day dinner. Chilly outside, we asked for the heaters to be turned on. Our waitress said Abe was the only one who knew how, but he was cooking. She invited anyone to take a crack at igniting them if they knew how. My husband, electrical engineer, fiddled with the ancient heater and a lighter. The guy at the table next door also joined in, claiming he was an engineer, too. My daughter, a UW law graduate next month, cringed at the liability risk. Another engineer piped up and said he knew exactly what to do. He came to our table, gave a little tushie shake in front of the working heater, and warmed up! Abe, at the end of a long, crazy night, brought out Limoncello and toasted us all.

RANT to how people drive in parking lots. I notice they are getting dangerous. People are driving the wrong way, speeding and failing to yield to pedestrians.

RAVE to Skagit County Health Department for the extremely well-run COVID-19 vaccination program held at Skagit County Fairgrounds. The personnel were well-trained, and there was great organization from parking, to sign in, to after-vaccine injection waiting. All with lots of friendly faces. It made getting a shot in the arm a really pleasant experience! Thank you to all.

RANT to the road construction on roads serving as the only way in and out of West Seattle. With the closing of the West Seattle bridge and the nightmare this has created, it’s absurd that road work is happening now to make matters worse.

RAVE to a West Seattle Fire Department firefighter. My 8-month-old son and I were admiring the fire truck near the Junction when we witnessed one of the firefighters pick up two bags of dog poop that had been left on the sidewalk and put them in a garbage bin in the truck. What a great role model to have in our community, going out of his way to make a difference. Thank you for your service!

RANT to my neighbor in Ravenna who feeds her “pet” crows. They attack my garden, poop on my fence and even get into my groceries before I get them into my house. Please stop.

RAVE to the person who helped me after a fall. While taking a shortcut through the parking garage at Evergreen Hospital, I tripped on a concrete parking slab and fell hard and flat on my face and knees. Before I could even assess the injuries, a woman showed up at my side. She kindly surveyed my injuries, helped me up, slowly walked me to my car and checked to see that I was able to drive. Then she hurried on to be with her son, just being admitted to the emergency room upstairs. My sincere thanks to the angel of the parking garage!