RANT to dog owners who leave poop bags all over trails. These abound on the first several hundred yards of a trail because, well, nature takes its course. I’ve seen poop bags lying on the ground within 10 feet of a trash can and tied at eye level to a branch overhanging the trail. Please, dog owners, take care of the product in some way that it doesn’t become an eyesore and nuisance to other trail users.

RAVE to Dwayne at the Rainier Avenue Lowe’s. I was frustrated because I couldn’t find garden stakes that were shown on the website. I received no help from customer service who kept sending me all over the store. Finally a lady in pro service sent me to Dwayne. He was pleasant, patient and very helpful, finding the stakes in a box at the top of the rack. Lowe’s needs more employees like him! Thank you, Dwayne.