RAVE to Larry the letter carrier from the U.S. Postal Service. He is back on his Lake Forest Park route after an extended absence recovering from a motorcycle accident! We missed his smile and daily waves from his mail truck!

RANT to the various forms of family entertainment in Seattle, Tacoma and across Washington state. I was appalled to discover the exorbitant cost of admission to Woodland Park Zoo, the aquarium and other forms of family entertainment, making it impossible for many families to enjoy. The state, or maybe one of the foundations formed by billionaire residents of our state, should provide enough funding so that all families can enjoy these experiences. A family of four should not have to pay close to $80 to gain entrance to Woodland Park Zoo. Senior rates are minimally less expensive and family memberships are totally out of reach for most.

RAVE to the honest person who found my credit card at Green Lake last Saturday and called the credit card company right away. Rave also to the credit card company which notified me, canceled the card and issued a new one. So glad there are still honest people who don’t expect a reward for doing the right thing! Thank you!

RANT to those who honk their car horns when locking/unlocking their car doors. I’ve nearly jumped out of my skin when walking past a car and the owner honked the horn as they walked away. Isn’t there enough harmful noise pollution already in the world? How difficult is it to lock a car door without honking a car horn?

RAVE to Seattle Chocolate Company for kindly asking customers if they preferred not receiving Mother’s Day offers. Mother’s Day has always been sensitive for me and I appreciate them for recognizing that the day can be painful to customers.

RANT to the woman sitting next to my son and me on the plane for only wearing her mask over her mouth and not her nose. She was very pleasant otherwise, but endangered the rest of us on the plane with her actions. Rant also to me, the people behind us she was interacting with and the flight attendants who saw her with her nose uncovered and didn’t speak up to ask her to cover it. I truly hope the vaunted HEPA filtration system on the plane worked to filter out any germs she may have been carrying!


RAVE to the city of Seattle (and all the volunteers) for setting up mass vaccination centers that are safe and seamless. You’ve restored my faith in good government.

RANT to the bike lanes that are between the sidewalk and the parking lane. I suppose the idea was to separate the bikes from cars, but this only makes the cyclist invisible at intersections (the most dangerous place for collisions). And pedestrians aren’t watching for bikes, people exiting cars aren’t looking for bikes. I refuse to ride in those lanes. They aren’t safe.

RAVE that over 125 million Americans (and counting) are now vaccinated!