RAVE to the organizers of the St. Patrick’s Day Dash. In a pandemic world, they put on a fun, safe and well-organized event over two days at Green Lake. Erin go bragh!

RANT to charity organizations for taking good deeds by individuals only to show their gratitude by passing along your personal home information to the charity world! I gave to two organizations that I believe are worthwhile and since then I have gotten at least five requests per day from other charities. Shame on you for taking our kindness and turning it on us.

RAVE to the Redmond Costco for their superb vaccine rollout. It starts with the quickest and easiest reservation system. The day before, a live person calls to answer questions, tell you what to bring and where to find them in the store. On vaccination day, the two of us were in and out in less than 20 minutes, including 15 minutes sitting with new tires in the tire center. Kudos to Costco for using efficient and friendly staff.

RANT to those wanting to slow down vaccine eligibility. We are in a race to beat down the variants. We can’t sacrifice good for perfect or your hard-earned vaccine will be useless.

RAVE to the organizers and behind-the-scenes operations people who make vaccinations happen. I had my vaccination done at the Virginia Mason vaccination site in a downtown Amazon building. Seldom have I seen such a smooth-running and well-considered operation. The process flowed like a smooth river and with extreme courtesy and efficiency. Every detail was thought through. Not just the vaccination, but free parking, courteous guidance, QR codes to identify you, hand bands so they only had to ask once, fast vaccination, scheduling the follow-up shot and timing to the minute. I’m a grumpy old German man who complains a lot, but in this case I was thoroughly impressed.

RANT to our garbage collectors who carelessly spill contents of our cans and then just leave it there. I’m not talking about a scrap of paper or a banana peel, I’m talking about grocery bags’ worth of stuff! It’s not just occasionally, it’s every week!

RANT AND RAVE to those who get COVID-19 vaccinations despite not being in the eligible groups. If there isn’t an emergency where the vaccinations are expiring, they should be kept for the priority groups. Rave to all the volunteers and staff helping with vaccinations as well as those who are patiently waiting their turn to be vaccinated.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the inconsiderate cyclists who zoom up on pedestrians from behind without warning. I have had two close calls in the last few days. It takes little effort to ding your bell or call out, “On your left!” Rave to those few who give a warning, and another rave to the ones who wear masks.