RAVE to Seahawks magic. At halftime of the Seahawks/Rams game, a hawk came and perched on a chair on our deck. It stayed there the whole halftime and into the second half. When the Seahawks scored the touchdown to take the lead in the third quarter, the hawk seemed to believe it had done its duty and flew away. This is the first time we have seen a hawk in our neighborhood. It was obviously a good omen for the Seahawks.

RANT to delivery drivers using the handicap spots at the Dick’s on 45th as well as the able-bodied college students. These spots are for us who need them. The parking lot was almost empty on the other night; you have no excuse.

RAVE to the flagger on Shilshole who gives a friendly wave to passing vehicles. You make me smile; you make my day.

RANT to small businesses who have not updated their outgoing message and/or website during the pandemic. I recently navigated my way downtown after repeatedly trying to reach a business at the Market. Both the website and the outgoing message said they were open on a limited basis. I arrived only to find a sign on the door saying they were closed. Makes it very difficult to support you.

RAVE to my wonderful neighbors on Southeast 15th Street in Bellevue. What a great group of people to live by during this crazy pandemic year. We’ve gathered safely, socially distanced and gotten to know and appreciate each other during these isolating times. Here’s to continued friendship and support into 2021 and beyond.

RANT to a bad experience I had the other day while walking in the Union Bay Natural Area wearing my mask (there were a lot of people around). Suddenly, I see a woman walking toward me without a mask so I turned my head to the side to not face her directly as she was passing by close to me. She called me an idiot for trying to protect myself. For me, that was outrageous and I just kept walking. Her behavior speaks for itself.


RAVE to Seattle Parks and Recreation for partnering with the Washington Trails Association and EarthCorps to replace the North Beach steps and reroute the South Beach Trail in Discovery Park. It is now more accessible and safer!

RANT to the Twin Lakes Federal Way post office for removing its only drive-up mailbox. Double rant for removing it during the busy holiday season.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to Pete Carroll for wearing a mask on the sidelines. Rant to Pete for always lowering it when he speaks! It’s not the cover two defense you need to worry about, Pete, it’s the cover your mouth and nose defense that works!